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Somebody apparently came out to the premises yesterday and the “work was finished.” That’s all Cablevision customer service could tell me. Of course, I’m still losing 78% of my packets. They wanted to send a technician out again. I went ballistic. Amazingly, didn’t get reprimanded by the person on the phone when I responded with unpleasantries about running speedtest, unplugging my router, and when I indicated that “if you think I will actually believe your bullshit about sending out a senior technician, I have some more choice words for you.”

Kudos to them for dealing with a now very irate customer. Not so many kudos for their inability to actually resolve issues.

Anyhow, spent nearly the entire afternoon on the phone with them. I can’t even do the work I needed to do over the weekend at the moment, let alone anything fun like play games. Supposedly I’m going to get a call from a supervisor in the field technician office now, sometime in the next 24-48 hours. Because those departments are distinct, they can’t actually call each other, or transfer me. In fact, part of the reason for the inexplicably long time on the phone was that I had to wait while my technician had to wait on hold for their customer service department to take his call. Astonishing stuff. This is almost as bad as Hewlett-Packard technical support. Almost.