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Been selling some stuff on eBay to make space and get rid of things that I don’t use that often. I’m astounded by how much of a cut eBay takes. I’m astounded by how much of a cut PayPal takes.

No, I’m not actually astounded. I expect it. But it seems silly.

And I’m really fed up with the fact that my payment stays in escrow for three weeks with PayPal before I can have it, unless I coerce the buyer into giving me positive feedback. It’s definitely much better to be the buyer than the seller on eBay.

I suppose this is all the price I pay to not have to meet somebody crazy, in the craigslist fashion. It’s the price I have to pay to not have to haggle with somebody over the price when I try to sell it at work. But it still bothers me.

Unrelated to the scam that is eBay, I’m also confused by the whole experience. I sold a 70-200/4L in immaculate condition at nearly retail. I sold an unused 50/1.8 II new in box with an expensive B+W filter for 70% of what it was worth by itself. I sold a used Roku Netflix set-top box for $4 less than it costs new, and it was missing cables (noted in the auction, mind you).

Fourth onsite visit from Cablevision to deal with my Internet tomorrow; this time they’re sending a regional supervisor and he will apparently look over every inch of my signal and fix it. He’s coming somewhere between 8 and 8. Seriously. Apparently supervisors don’t do specific (“SPECIFIC” I now say in quotes as the three-hour windows they give are often missed, and I’ve never had anybody show up in the first 2.5 hours of a 3 hour window) windows. Or some such. This customer service rep just wanted to get me off the phone, and actually forced me to the voice recording and survey at the end of the call.

Every time you call Cablevision you have to answer a survey at the end. Every time I hang up. I will happily pay $5 to just be allowed to hang up at this point. And I would pay real money right now for working Internet. We’ll see how this regional supervisor dude works out, because I’m ordering DSL this weekend if the issue isn’t fixed.