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After our trip to the Air Mobility Command Museum, we continued our journey to Rehoboth Beach, which like most fabled journeys, actually sucked in reality. It was hot, we were in traffic forever, and people were stupid.

But, we got to Rehoboth in time for the Dogfish Head Pub Tour. There’s not much to show from the tour, as the rooms were cramped and the combatants unattractive. The tour was about 25 minutes, the guide explaining a little bit of the history of the company, showing their little experimental brewery off, and then taking us upstairs to the distillery. Worth doing for the novelty if you happen to be there, I guess, but don’t make it a destination.

Next we had dinner in the pub. We started with the “Dogpile,” a stack of fried pita bread (why god, why?), topped with spinach and artichoke dip and other yummyness. It was tasty, except for the whole fried pita chip thing. Dunno, maybe it’s just me.

For beer, the cask had just been tapped, so I had to have a pint of the 75-minute (60 + 90, put back in for aging with some maple syrup). It was a delicious. Also tried was the Festina Peche, since it was on tap. It’s a good sour wheat beer sort of experience, but not for those who don’t like … sour fruity wheat beers.

Dinner was a shrimp pizza and their fancy burger. The shrimp pizza was a okay, a little heavy on the pesto, really nothing special. The burger looked amazing (bacon and a fried onion ring on top of the burger), but was only decent at best; the fries were mediocre.

Basically, food-wise it was just average bar food. Shame. I’m pretty sure I remember the food at the Dogfish Head Ale House being vastly superior, but maybe I was just down too many 90-minute snifters at that point to notice.

I went ahead and tried a flight of their liquors as well, since they could only really be tried and bought at this location. Their vodka was good, but didn’t taste like anything particularly special to me beyond being relatively decent vodka. There are too many premium vodkas out there to mess with it, honestly, it doesn’t offer anything special.

Their gin (“Jin”) was interesting — very strong pepper flavors. Lacks a lot of the complexity of some premium gins, but was interesting and different enough that I ended up with two bottles … both for the uniqueness and the acknowledgment that there’s zero chance I shall ever return. The brown honey rum was also quite good; very smooth and drinkable in its own right, so I nabbed two bottles of that. The flavored vodka (blood orange) was horrid.

The next day, I discovered that one of the rum bottles was emptying itself in its surrounding bag. I opened the foil to see what was happening and the cork basically had disintegrated. Shoddy cork, shoddy quality control on their part. Oh well. I took it back to the brewpub that evening and they gave me some shit about not exchanging bottles due to state laws (okay, fine, there probably is such a thing), went to see a manager, and eventually came back and said “ssh, don’t tell anybody, my manager is too busy.”

I guess I told you all. Oops. Anyhow, he took care of me, and I got a bottle that didn’t piss itself all over my trunk like the last one, but the whole experience was a bit … off. The liquor bit is novel, but the brewpub isn’t really a destination.