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After our triumphant visit to Delaware, we continued on to Maryland to party with friends for the fourth. Before stopping at the party, we explored beautiful (cough) Maryland a little bit.

Actually, we stopped along the old C&O Canal for a quick little hike and peek at an old aqueduct in need of repair.

The old remnants of the canal were pretty, and there was a well-worn and quite wide path (obviously sees regular vehicle traffic). Tons of bikers were out on the path as we walked it (makes sense, it’s flat, relatively well packed, and straight); I imagine I’d bike up and down parts of the path if I lived in the area.

Our goal was an old aqueduct, which we couldn’t find; we saw a whole bunch of stones on the side of the river at one point, and they looked an awful lot like aqueduct pieces, but then all we saw was an erected temporary bridge, and an adjacent train bridge.

But, once we got to the other side of the erected bridge, it was clear that the erected bridge was on top of the old aqueduct, which was even more broken down than in the pictures we had seen.

Evidently it’s being rebuilt, restored, and modernized, and will probably be beautiful in a decade or two. Or something. Good luck to them.