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Part five of the AT&T DSL saga was a bit of a surprise. As was today’s first installment.

I’m pulling into the office and my phone starts ringing this morning. “Hi, this is N— in the leasing office, there’s somebody here from AT&T for you, should I send him up?”

“I’m four towns away from my apartment right now. Not sure what he’s going to see.”

Anyway, she puts me on the phone with him, and he’s startled I haven’t heard that he was coming. That makes one of us.

On the way up to the wiring closet, the technician mentions they’re not at all busy; they “have practically nothing to do all day at the moment.” So he was a bit startled it took so long. Again, by

I have zero idea what they’ve been doing for the last three weeks. But it must have been difficult.

So he comes up to my apartment, plugs a noisemaker in the phone jack, and then confirms the wiring is fine to the equipment closet, returns to the telephone pole outside, and proceeds to do his thing. None of this really required me to be in my apartment (he could have hooked the noisemaker up in the wiring closet), but hey, if it gets my DSL working, whatever…