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And so it continues.

After the technician’s spontaneous visit and lack of an ATM connection at the CO, I was supposed to get a callback on Friday. I didn’t, of course, but that’s become standard operating procedure by this point, so I wasn’t real surprised.

By Monday, my Modem was still showing a lack of ATM and Internet connectivity, so I called cablevision again. Held for ten minutes, then talked to an agent who indicated that the work was completed on the 17th.

She double checked all of their stuff and all of their stuff said the order was completed at each stage of the process. So she put me on hold and rung the technical support department to check that everything is working.

“Jim” picks up in broken English from India 13 minutes later, and has zero information, so I have to go through, introduce myself, and provide my authentication and account information again, and explain my issue, again. He says the instructions provided with my modem are wrong and I’ll have to reset the username and password to the registration settings (which is apparently lost every time the power goes out, which I a) don’t believe b) can’t imagine would ever work and c) well, thank god I have a UPS, I guess). After doing so it will magically work. Total time spent on phone today: 27 minutes.

We’ll see. Will part nine of our story be the thrilling conclusion? Stay tuned tonight to find out.