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Not really sure what I’m going to write about once my Internet is working. Luckily, the saga continues.

Internet didn’t work when I got home.

Called support, tried option 5, which was supposedly going to get me straight to tech support. It didn’t, but I don’t blame “Jim” for not realizing that. He’s a few thousand miles away, it’s tough.

Spent half an hour with some girl in some call center. We tried all sorts of things that obviously weren’t going to work. She didn’t have much of a sense of humor. That part of her brain is missing. Hell, I was having a good time. I taught her a bit about how the DSL architecture works, what a central office is, what ATM is, and so forth. And how, if I can see the modem, and it can see the CO, the ethernet connection between my computer and the modem is good. And the connection between the modem and the CO is good. So the problem isn’t on my end. Hardware in my premises is all working like a charm. And no amount of doing software resets, hardware resets, and unplugging are going to make it not work any better. In return, I learned she was a spineless, brainless, clueless L1 tech that had no idea what she was talking about. See, we both learned something!

Half an hour of this nonsense, and I finally convinced her that we could talk to level two support. Of course, that doesn’t mean she gets to talk to level two, but she gets to call them and stay on hold herself! It’s exciting. Every two minutes she’s required to come on the line and tell me she’s still holding, and that she’ll be back to let me know how it’s going in another two minutes. My responses got more and more creative as the night dragged on.

After she had been on hold twenty minutes (I of course had to hold to talk to her initially), she offered to call me back. You can guess how well I took that suggestion. Poor girl. I hope she was having a good night before the call, and that her shift is over now, because I did not make her evening more pleasant. I was polite. But not very nice.

Let’s just skip the details of having to provide my information all over again, unplug and replug the modem, reboot my computer, and a bunch of less than pleasant Aaron on the phone. I now have a callback number and a ticket. Tonight’s episode stole almost an hour and a half of my life from me. I will get a callback from AT&T before noon tomorrow. I’ll be sure to let you know how that goes. Because you care. And because I do too.