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So. Our story arc ends for now. But not without something along the way.

I got home, tried to configure the Internet access, and my Windows PC wouldn’t properly download the AT&T modem configuration software required when I visited a website. Err… So I ended up using the powerbook to configure things, and that worked fine.

But really.

Why would anybody require a software install to configure the Internet? Just give me a damn web page and tell me what to type into the modem. Honest. That would be great.

Did I mention it didn’t work in Firefox, and would only work in IE? Surprise, right?

So I eventually got that all working and yay, Internet. Story done.

Except I have a 1536kbps connection. Instead of a 6016kbps connection like I’m supposed to. The fuck.

Was on hold for, literally, about a second after entering my dry line number in the automated prompt system. Amazing. It took fifteen minutes, but she agreed something was wrong, and that I should be at the “elite” level. She transferred me to maintenance.

I take notes when I’m on these calls, so I can refer to them later when I next call. They also make good notes for this tedious story arc that is now over. I can tell my brain is going, because the only notes I have for this are “haha lol” and “EC9PG402” (my ticket number) I do not remember writing “haha lol.” I’m losing it.

Yada-yada unexpectedly high call volume, but I got through to maintenance in about 15 minutes. The confirmed that provisioning fucked up, again. I like how internal departments at AT&T blame other departments, rather than taking any ownership. “Looks like provisioning did not set this up properly.”

“Okay, can we fix that?”

“Yes, I think I’ll try and do that now.”

See, I don’t care. Just tell me “it appears a mistake was made when provisioning your connection, we’ll correct that right away!” The lady in maintenance was the most unenthusiastic phone tech I’ve ever talked to. Which is saying something. Once we’d resolved the issue (only took another five minutes or so), and we’re still on the phone, I’m like “alright, that’s all I need.”

And then she just kinda sits on the phone. And so I’m like “Thanks, I’m all set!” And she’s like “yeah, you should be all set now.” And I’m like “yep, bye!” And she still hangs out on the line. It was sort of creepy weird. But whatever.

So, long story short, I spent about half a day on the phone total, and the elapsed time was nearly a month, but I now have achieved multi-homed Internet. Or single-homed when Cablevision is sucking. Which is always, lately.

half a day on the phone and it took me just under a month to get Internet access from AT&T