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At my funeral/wake/afterlife party, I would like the following songs played, for reasons that only I will ever know.

  • Blue – Vast
  • Colony of Birchmen – Mastodon
  • Settle for Nothing – Rage Against the Machine
  • Bloodstone – Amon Tobin
  • Fratres – (as composed by) Arvo Pärt, performance up to the organizers, but pick a good one.
  • The Bones of You – Elbow
  • New Way Home – Foo Fighters
  • In The Light – Led Zeppelin
  • White, Discussion – Live
  • The Reflecting God – Marilyn Manson
  • The Call of Ktulu – Metallica
  • Take a Bow – Muse
  • Gone, Still – Nine Inch Nails
  • Everything In Its Right Place – Radiohead
  • The Day I Tried to Live – Soundgarden

Apologies in advance to all of the attendants.

Find Casey, or somebody else smart, in order to figure out how to best arrange these. I lack the talent. I think New Way Home should probably be the penultimate song, but I’m not confident. I’m also pretty sure Take a Bow should be the opener. But it might also work well as a transition piece. As I say, not my bailiwick. I’ve never succeeded in finishing a mix tape, and obviously this list is too long to actually make a tape.

Please close with Aria Da Capo E Fine from the Goldberg Variations, as performed in 1981, not 1955. Make sure it’s loud enough that everybody can hear him humming along, or it doesn’t count.