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Right, enough bitching about how what I really want is a 1Ds. Back to Germany and all things related.

We decided to hit Oktoberfest early so we could try some tents, not having reservations to be there in the evening anyway. Saw this guy kneeling on the way in several times on several different days. Either he has no knees, or there’s something crazy going on, as this would kill me:

First, to the Hippodrom! It looks like this:

I hate to spoil the story, but the beer and food at the Hippodrom was the best of all of the tents. It’s the only place you can order your liters of champagne instead of liters of beer, as well. Really, it was a classy tent, well decorated, good atmosphere, great food, decent service. Felt more adult and cultured and less rowdy and spring break than most of the tents. If I ever went back to Oktoberfest, I’d just get a standing reservation here, and call it a day. It helps that it’s about the first tent you run into on the grounds.

A quick dash outside, and, oh look, beer horses:

Paulaner’s tent was one of the first mega tents (my term, but the sorts of tents that could hold 10,000 people, versus just a few thousand). It lacked the energy and feel of the Hippodrom tent. On the other hand, when I stopped in during the evening later in the week, it was like a mosh pit. But there really wasn’t anything special about it.

Whichever tent this was sort of sucked too:

The Augustiner tent was pretty awesome. Not as awesome as Hippodrom, and it was a mega tent again, but had a great atmopshere, well decorated, none of the spring break feel of the other mega tents. Good beer, obviously, and good food as well.

We fell in with some Italian guys who didn’t speak anything but broken German, and we only spoke broken German, English, and some broken Spanish. Somehow we communicated a little bit…

Second best tent, anyhow.

And that’s a lot of pictures, so I’ll stop there for now.