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After the last picture dump, I figured I should provide at least a baseline amount of commentary again. Whatever day this was, we ended up going to the Residence in the morning, and I foolishly left my camera behind, so I have no pictures of that. It was a weird place to visit, since virtually nothing was original, due to the place burning down / being bombed / renovated / looted / whatever. Pretty much each room was “Here’s some stuff that’s neat, this used to be a dressing room; nothing in the room has anything to do with what it used to be.” Worth a peek, but not exactly the most amazing place in Munich.

When the Bavarians weren’t hanging out at the Residence, they were probably chilling at Nymphenburg Palace, which we went to in the afternoon. It’s a big building that we didn’t go inside, with some fountains and gardens that go on forever. Of particular interest were the birds in the front pond, who had no fear at all of humans.

We got there via a quick tram ride. The integrated mass transit/public transit system is fantastic. Highly recommended. It was a pretty place to visit and walk around, and it was a nice time of day to do so, but there’s not much to see other than what you see in the pictures.

From there, it was an easy tram ride and hike to the Hirschgarten, the biggest beer garden in Munich (seating for 10,000+). Sadly, we didn’t see any deer. It was a pretty nice place, though we got there just as the take-out service was closing, so had to accept table service for food. Upside is that this meant more pork knuckles, and some lamb.

Downside is it meant the typical slower-than-comfortable service once we had our food. I’m sure it’s just custom, but it’s perfectly plausible to sit beer-less and having eaten, and having asked for the bill, for an hour. It seems to happen everywhere. Maybe just to tourists. Probably that.