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Remember those issues I had with AT&T in July? I sure do.

I still haven’t been billed, despite having had my DSL connection functional for about three months. Maybe I should just leave well enough alone, and accept my free Internet, but this makes me nervous. I called about this back in September, and was assured the bill was on the way. I recently got an email telling me my account number was changing, so figured it was time to give them a call again, and see if I could, you know, get a bill.

I reached customer service, the automated system couldn’t find either my new or old account number, or my dry loop ID. So I got to a not-automated operator, who couldn’t find me, but had at least heard of a dry loop, and transferred me to the dry loop department. Luckily this only took a couple of minutes.

The dry loop department couldn’t find me either. So they transferred me to AT&T Internet Services out of New Haven, and gave me … ready for this? A new phone number I hadn’t seen before. This hold was not a short one, unlike the previous ones. Half an hour later

“Well, I see you were connected on the second.”

“Actually, I was connected back in July.”

“Oh, but they changed your account number on the second.”

“Could be?”

“Unfortunately that means you’re going to start getting billed now.”

“That’s alright, since I’m perfectly happy to pay for the service, if I’m billed for it. I just don’t want to be hit up for not paying my bills, or to receive a $500 bill in a year.”

“Well, it’s not a big deal, we probably just would have disconnected you during reconciliation.”

“That would be in keeping with my experience thus far, certainly.”

I was put on hold for a while again, and then told that I’ll start receiving bills around Thanksgiving or so, and I won’t be back-billed for the service thus far. So that’s a bonus.