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Need to be careful and remember to photograph everything before it gets eaten, or else there aren’t going to be many more of these photos. Anyhow, starting the fun out, here’s a teaser; this is the pie cooling last night a bit after two in the morning when the first round of cooking finished.

Yesterday’s cooking involved prepping the green bean casserole (first, of course, requiring the making of fresh cream of mushroom soup), making the cranberry sauce, making the pumpkin pie, and tossing some stuff into the cream whipper. Oh, and some chocolate covered pretzels too, for snacks. Because snacks make hours of cooking better.

Turkey is in the oven for the slow roast and gravy generation phase, after dealing with the logistical problem of removing turkey parts from two three-gallon jugs of brine. So, it’s the calm before the storm, before the real cooking starts.