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Once again it’s a new year, and once again it’s time to set some goals that I’ll fail to achieve in the coming year. But, first, let’s take a look back on 2009’s goals:

I failed in every way possible in 2009 at achieving my resolutions.

It’s a terrible custom, but probably a good practice for me, just the same, so here goes. This year I’ll try to make my goals DUMB.

  1. Complete 30 books. I’m in the process of reading about a dozen books now, and I haven’t finished a book over 100 pages in months. This is reprehensible. I don’t, at this point, care if we’re talking about mass market paperbacks or scientific literature. It’s about time I finish some books. Going by 2009’s rate of completion, I will die long before my “to read” shelf gets empty, and that’s more than depressing. I don’t care if I complete the books I’m reading, or not, but I need to finish 30 books this year. That’s the goals.
  2. Finish a dozen video games. I have a lot of video games. I play very few to completion. It’s satisfying when I do. I want to finish a dozen games. It doesn’t matter if some of them are shorter indie games, and some are long and involved, but I want to achieve some stuff here and see the end of some games. My plan is to keep myself to under ten installed games on Steam, so that I can force myself to finish a game before installing another. Keeping my games running on my SSD helps with this, since the SSD is limited in space. Nobody remind me that I have a striped array of very fast magnetic disks that could also accommodate games.
  3. Get to 200 pounds. This one’s pretty straight forward; I’d like to knock some weight off.
  4. Find a way to take more pleasure in my current job, or change what I’m doing. Things are going “well enough” by any objective terms, but I need to find a way to take more satisfaction in what I’m doing, or change how I’m approaching my job. Hard to measure progress here and set a specific goal, but something has to budge.
  5. Fix my ankle. Whether I work harder at PT or go under the knife, I need to be able to walk out of my apartment not wondering if this is the day I’ll blow my ankle out again.
  6. Make material contributions to an open source project. This one has been nagging at me for a while. Other than some one-line fixes, I’ve yet to ever make a contribution to an open sore project. It will be good for me (I actually get to write some code), and it’s about time.
  7. Become a Project Euler icosahedron. I’m not yet an octahedron, but I’m getting close. This is a bit of a stretch, but I need to do something to keep my brain from rotting, and this is filling that need temporarily.
  8. Learn a new programming language. While I dabble in these things every year, I would like to become proficient in a new language this year. Optimally, I’d like to cover at least one procedural and one functional language, but we’ll see what happens. This doesn’t mean I can do hello world, but that I can write real-world code in one of these.
  9. Take a dozen photographs I’m proud of. I’ve been taking a few more photos lately, but I’m still not happy with my work. I’m not limited by glass. I’m not limited by sensor resolution. I’m a little limited by technique, and a lot limited by creativity. I’d like to, at the end of the year, have a portfolio of twelve shots I made in 2010 that make me proud to be a photographer.

See you in a year.