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Silversun Pickups were a pretty good opener. They played a good set (for the novice fan, anyhow), and closed with Lazy Eye, so I was pleased. Brian Aubert is a really weird dude. I like their music, their stage act is good but nothing special. At one point, Aubert said something to the effect of:

“The Muse show is … really good shit.”

“If you’re allergic to good shit then leave the room.”

This was, it turns out, accurate.

The seats were good; was second row from the floor (first row was floor level, so I think it was actually better this way) maybe a hundred feet from the stage.

The set for Muse was amazing, and the technical execution was top notch.

Muse came on and just played. No talking, no waiting, just a solid set played by rock stars. They displayed consistent musicianship and showmanship the whole time. As a relatively new fan and as somebody who is inexperienced with their concert experience, I found they hit every song I wanted to hear, and then some. I’m sure the folks going for the more obscure tracks were disappointed, but I was blown away.

The cellular network at the Wachovia seemed to be overloaded when the show wasn’t on, which short of makes sense. I do enjoy how the phone has taken over for the lighter.

If you haven’t seen a Muse show, I would recommend it.

Bigger versions up on flickr in a bit. Impressed again with the S90 as a low-light point and shoot, though I miss having a real autofocus system. Carrying my 5DII and a few kilos of glass wasn’t going to happen, though.