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Meetings are booked like classes in school. They go from 10:00 to 10:50. Everybody shows up on time, and leaves with plenty of time to make their next meeting. Bells go off automatically when the 50-minute mark is reached and when a meeting is to commence. The doors close/open automatically at the appropriate times. White noise is generated in the room during the 10-minute window to make conversation inconvenient. Casual meeting areas are near each conference room to allow conversation in the margins, as appropriate. The lights flash in these areas with a two and one-minute warning to alert people to the start of the next meeting slot. There are clocks in the hallways.

Gone are the crowds waiting outside the room for five minutes for the other group to clear out.

Gone are the inability to get a drink, use the restroom, or check something with another employee before the next meeting.

Gone are the 10-minute-late arrivals and delays to meeting starts.

Gone is everybody’s wasted time.

During the ten-minute windows, trained gnomes enter the room and set up the appropriate tele/videoconferencing, presentation, and audio-visual connections. On the hour when you enter a meeting, you’re already connected to the appropriate rooms, the lights are set up, the microphones are working, and you can just start having your meeting.

Gone is the 10-minute dead time when the presenter is scrambling to get the screen resolution correct. Gone is the time trying to make the screen some color other than yellow. Gone is the time fumbling with the focus and zoom of the videoconferencing system, only to have to start over because of a dropped connection to Istanbul.