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Despite the pain it took to become an AT&T Internet customer, I am no longer one, and haven’t been for months.

However, I still get emails from them warning me about phishing attacks. I can’t unsubscribe from them. There’s no contact information except for the abuse address.

So I forwarded the email to the abuse address. I’ve gotten three additional responses to the abuse forward so far; two were automated responses, and one just looks to be a response with a complete header dump but no additional context.

I know AT&T is trying to do the right thing by preventing their customers from being scammed, but this sort of stuff frustrates me. It’s obvious that their system that’s used to determine who is an active and inactive/former customer doesn’t work, which isn’t surprising since their new customer billing system didn’t work, either.

Somewhat related, I discovered an account for Optimum Online was still functional from an address I lived at three years ago. It said my payments were current, and my next bill would come in a month (!!). Confused by this, I checked my statement, only to discover an “error in the billing system.” So I’m not too worried about it, but at least some part of their system still think an older older me is still a customer.

Makes me wonder how many zombie accounts and records I still have out there.