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Feeling like a bit of a mad scientist lately.

In my closet now is a 20-pound tank of CO2, which actually weighs about 65 pounds. I guess I should have gotten an aluminum tank. I’ve started re-filling the Soda Club tanks for my carbonator; while the fills from SodaClub are cheaper than buying seltzer, they’re still a pain for two reasons. First, they are charging an absurd fee for a tiny tank of extremely cheap gas. Second, their proprietary delivery service is sort of a pain to work with, and not optimal for any of my shipping locations. Maybe if I was unemployed this wouldn’t be such a big deal.

My first go at transferring liquid CO2 went pretty well, at least until I realized I put an extra 300 grams of liquid CO2 into the recipient tank, which would have put it to roughly 5000 psi in short order. The safety valve should have kicked in at 3000 psi, but probably better I weighed the tank and immediately engaged the vent circuit, rather than waiting to find out of the safety valve work. Very happy to have an accurate scale and the understanding of why I need to use it in this case.

Anyhow, it doesn’t end there. I ordered a case of butane tanks. It turns out that I could get a dozen of the things for only double the cost of buying a single one. I can’t explain why it works this way. So, I was happy to get a case of butane tanks for relatively cheap.

That is, until I realized that I now have about a cubic foot of highly explosive flammable gas I need to store somewhere. While the CO2 tank has the risk of becoming a small inert rocket, the butane scares me a bit more. I need to think about this one a bit.

I cooked two steaks in a water bath tonight to medium temperature, and they were enjoyable, despite being medium. The exterior crust was perfectly browned (thank you, butane torch), and the interior was uniform and delicious. I never thought I’d enjoy a medium steak, but there you have it. The results when rare or medium rare should be outstanding. The carrots are cooking now; the downside of having only one sous-vide rig, I guess.

I’m flying model helicopters with batteries that are preposterously dangerous.

I have no point in any of this, beyond that these are fascinating times for the autodidact.