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Some coworkers were trying to explain foursquare to me today; I’m not sure I fully get it, but whatever, I signed up. I think my first goal will be to become the mayor of Espresso Neat. Or maybe my apartment. Probably my apartment.

Anyhow, as I slowly started to understand things, foursquare is pretty much achievements for life. This started another conversation, which leads us to the killer idea: Corporate Achievements.

Let’s illustrate with some badges:

  • Completed new hire orientation.
  • Sent first email.
  • Checked in fix for first bug.
  • One month without a sick day.
  • Spoke up in a meeting.
  • Asked for help.
  • Got promoted.

I think this has huge potential. Maybe it can replace performance appraisals. Just check the person’s Corporate Achievement Score against their peers.

I mean, this is a stupid idea. But it would be fun.