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Went to qualifying for the Red Bull Air Race on Saturday. It was pretty neat.

In general, the photo opportunities are pretty fun. Price is a little high. Turns out there were some stretches of the park that were open that would have worked fine; crowding was mild enough that there was plenty of room on the green. C’est la vie. I think there was substantially less turnout than expected, or else race day is just completely another beast. That makes little sense to me, since qualifying and the real race are more or less identical, less some flyovers by various other things, and the podium at the end.

The one thing I’ll note is that if you’re not going for the photography, the coverage on TV is … better than you can get trying to see the race yourself. Sure, you don’t get the sound and excitement of it, or whatnot, but the camerawork provided by the various cranes and helicopters and onboard footage is amazing; we were pretty far away from the race most of the time, which provided a neat vantage point, but you lose a lot of the detail of what’s happening.

I’ll put some more of these up on flickr in a bit…