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The weekly internal temperature chart is looking even worse today, so when my box fell off the grid, I assumed there was a thermal cause:

Turns out there wasn’t a direct thermal issue (though the battery controller on the RAID controller is pretty ornery about how hot the battery got). How do we explain the story?

Here’s line voltage into the UPS that feeds my equipment rack:

And UPS charge levels, for added effect:

And that’s pretty much the story. I’m guessing there were some crazy power issues today trying to cool Connecticut when it was running over 100 degrees.

Everything went into safe shutdown once the UPS ran out of power, and then turned back on once the power was back. Sort of. My core switch didn’t come back online; I think there’s a timing issue about when it first powers up, and one of the switches on the network never ran out of power (it has a few hours of battery life on its UPS).

Anyhow, having a girlfriend willing to go check all of this stuff out when you’re on the other side of the country is pretty awesome.