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It’s time to check up on my 2010 resolutions again. I originally planned to track my progress every quarter, but it seems we’ve made it through two thirds of the year, more or less. I guess that will suffice for the last check prior to the new year. It seems like a mixed bag so far.

I’ve completed seven books and three video games. So, not doing so hot there. On the upside, I’ll be spending enough time in the air in the next two months to make some material progress on the book front.

My weight and health hasn’t changed for the better. My ankle doesn’t seem like it can be fixed without surgery. The surgical fix is a band-aid. Not sure what to do about any of that, beyond that I still need to lose weight and get into shape.

My job is quite a bit different than it was eight months ago. It’s definitely new, exciting, and challenging. I have no idea what I’m doing. This is good.

Thinking in terms of months left in the year, I have detected a problem: I’ve taken three vacation days; the first was to prevent me from losing my mind. The other two were for a wedding. I have no vacation planned at this point. I need to fix this sooner rather than later; I have no delusion that I’m going to burn my entire stash of vacation days in four months, but I need to reboot sooner rather than later.

My brain is rotting and I’m getting rusty. I haven’t been coding at all. I haven’t even thought about project Euler in months. Open source contributions are a joke at this point as well. I did spend a lot of time learning Scheme earlier. I don’t know that I really learned Scheme, as Y still makes my head hurt.

I’m not taking enough pictures. So far I’m happy with a picture of a hummingbird and a shot of a plane. Toss in some goofy snowflake stuff from earlier in the year and that puts me at 3 okay photos. Going to be a busy four months if I’m going to make any progress there.

I picked up a new hobby; I’m now pretty good at crashing model helicopters. I’m now mildly experienced at repairing model helicopters. Maybe by the end of the year I’ll be okay at flying them too.

I’ve acquired more board games this year than I’ve played. I’m really disappointed about this one.

So, it’s not all bad. I’ve made some progress on some goals and knocked another one out of the park, but I’ve still got a lot of work to do.