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I’m usually not overly worried about a remote reboot of my linux box. I had been putting it off for a little while, but am about to be out of town for a couple of weeks, so decided to do it when I was home. It didn’t seem to be coming back up when I first bounced it, so I checked the console, and sure enough, it had decided it was fsck day for a 4TB partition. Oops. Well, that’s fine, I thought, I’ll let it do its thing.

It still didn’t come up after that finished several hours later. I got dumped into a maintenance prompt because a partition was failing to mount.

Long story short, some hardware I’d removed from the box several reboots ago still had an entry in the fstab, and when fsck ran, it thought something was wrong, so it didn’t bother continuing to boot.

So, this is just a friendly reminder not to bounce your boxes from remote unless you have remote console access too. Or somebody in your data center.