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Stating the obvious, perhaps, visiting Paris on business is a lot different than visiting Paris for pleasure. I didn’t really end up with any “free time” beyond a few hours each evening between finishing work and getting back to doing more work.

My second (of three) evenings, I walked from my hotel down to the Louvre and Tuileries garden, and ended up eating dinner inside the garden. It was just a few days till they started closing the garden much earlier (I want to say at 21:00), so I guess my timing was pretty good.

On the way out, I snapped this relatively terrible shot of the Arch, Tower, and Obelisk.

As much as I like the convenience of carrying my S90, I really miss having a real camera and real glass with me. On the other hand, there wasn’t much point to bringing it on a business trip, since I took all of 21 pictures and had about 6 hours of free time.

Quite by accident, I walked by the (closed) Apple store on the way back to my hotel:

This is, perhaps, a great study in how getting white balance correct is a real pain in the ass. I was lazy and didn’t bother compositing the different settings, so it looks like crap.

The inside of the store is such a weird mix of the existing building and style and the signature Apple Store.

I dined at Cafe de le Paix on the last night (largely via my own funds); I was underwhelmed. The roasted walnut soup was exceptional, but the wines and food were otherwise unimpressive and unmemorable. There was also a distraction in the form of several mice running around my feet (no joke) all evening long.