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“Cupcake Jones”: was one of those things we stumbled upon, ended up eating there twice. They have 3 standard cupcakes and then three new cupcakes every day. Small count, keeping quality up, etc. Honestly, these are the first cupcakes I’ve had from a cupcake place where I … liked them. Definitely worth a visit, and better than the normal dry crappy cake with tooth-ache frosting. This is the egg nog and buttered rum cupcakes; both were great.

The other two we had were smores and something with a lot of chocolate. Highly recommended.

The Saturday Market was a bit of an adventure; worth a visit on Saturday or Sunday (yeah, I know) if you’re in Portland. We were a bit hungry, so ate some momos from Kathmandu Cafe. It was great:

Warm, a little spicy, and delicious.

Beer-wise, didn’t do as much as I’d intended, but it worked out. Here’s Deschutes:

And Rogue:

Pok Pok was also a treat, serving Thai beach food. Or something like this. I think this was a sweet pork thing over sticky rice with a spicy noodle salad:

This was the traditional roasted chicken with spicy soup; it wasn’t very spicy. Used all the chili paste; still wasn’t spicy. It was good. But not that spicy.

rogue bar