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So, we got to Darien’s branch of BSF around 2:00 on a Saturday. The toppings &burgers list had no prices, and if I hadn’t been to the BSF in Greenwich, I’d have no clue what to do. The folks ahead of us heard that it would be a forty five minute wait for food, but elected still to order. This took about ten minutes since the receipt printer wasn’t working and nobody had a clue what was going on. They finally brought a different receipt printer over and after three different staff played with the order, they managed to sort things out.

We got our order in, and it was then clear how packed the place was. By which I mean there were maybe 16 people in the dining area, half of them already had food. So it was going to take nearly an hour to feed 8 people. There were probably about 10 staff, most of them running around having no clue at all what was going on.

Got a couple of burgers and the sweet tots, ultimately. Didn’t get our drinks until the food came, so there was really nothing to do for 45 minutes. A guy came in after us, and upon hearing it would take 45 minutes to get anything, he walked right back out. Probably smarter than me.

I decided to go to Espresso Neat to pick up a couple of lattes. 13 minutes into that I got the page that my order had just been delivered. Faster than 45 minutes is good, but it’s clear they have no clue what’s going on.

Upon my return, I discovered a paper sign on the doors saying that they were closed until 5; apparently they only took one more order after ours.

The burgers were a similar formula to the Greenwich location, but not quite as good. The sweet tots were pretty damn tasty. The place is lacking the charm of the original, where you’re talking with the proprietors and the cooks, because you don’t really have any choice. It felt hopelessly franchised and artificial, but ultimately the food is still a pretty good draw, and there’s nothing else like it in Darien.

In any event, for now, avoid the Darien Burgers, Shakes & Fries at all costs, unless you’d like to witness a spectacle of incompetence and confusion. After a month or two they will hopefully have either sorted out the kinks or gone out of business — give them a visit then to see how they are.