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I made cassoulet; it was amazing. It took every inch of my 7.5qt pot, made a mess of my kitchen, and took most of the day (plus soaking the beans since last night), but was worth it.

Here are the beans with bouqet garnit, onion, garlic, ventreche, etc. I’m about to add a mess of water and cook the beans for a while on the Apogee. Precise simmer control is definitely a bonus, versus my burners which have a tendency to go out or change intensity.

The beans are drained in this picture after cooking (and everything but the beans, ventreche (now diced), and carrots discarded, and the first layer of meat is piled on before adding more beans.

And this is the finished product:

No pictures of the final product as plated because I was too busy eating it. Drank a garagiste style Bordeaux alongside it and had a good old time. I highly recommend the kit from D’Artagnan (or assemble your own; it’s not too hard to find or make the constituent ingredients). Had some pheasant country pate and cheese beforehand, but that was a dumb idea, because cassoulet is very filling. Very, very filling. Be warned…