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Matt Kramer’s Making Sense Of Wine seems to receive nearly unanimous praise for demystifying wine. Having now completed it, I can see why. Kramer goes through the basics you see in a lot of wine books, like blends and varietals, but focuses more on explaining both the common wisdom and debunking the common myths of the trade. It is full of solid advice on wine storage, good exploration of wine aging, and a nice explanation of how things got to be the way they are today. It blends accessible science, rich (but not tedious) history, and common sense to make a highly readable book.

The only part I found a little weak was the last chapter, which explores food pairings through way of “here’s a bunch of recipes.” I understand the appeal of this approach, but it doesn’t really work for me.

All in, a great no-nonsense introduction to wine, especially a great companion to a more “traditional” book on wine. 8/10.