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I’d recently acquired a piece of hardware from Wadia Digital. They are a maker of relatively high-end audio kit, but make a few cheap pieces of equipment, which is where I enter the picture.

In any event, when I received this equipment, I noticed that my remote would stop working. After a little bit of fidgeting with it, I determined it was because the battery was losing contact. I contacted Wadia and indicated that my battery wasn’t staying in place in my remote, and that I thought there may be a problem with my example.

They indicated they had had no problems with their prototypes, and it would take a little while to order replacements since they didn’t have any spares.

A few weeks later, I received an envelope with a new battery in it. Turns out they installed too thin a battery with the first production run. Along with a nicely written apology, they sent a gift certificate to the retailer where I bought the device as a way of saying that they were sorry for the frustration.

Anyway, just a rare “nice” story in the realm of materialistic consumption.