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Well, we’ve finished the first chapter, which means we’re a third of the way through the whites.

Screw white wine! I appreciate the wines I’ve been drinking, and I’m learning a lot, I think. The dragon I’m chasing, however, seems only to be present with red wines. I love those red wines that hit your palate and explode in a million directions. You finish the bottle and you still can’t say you’ve explored everything it had to offer. I haven’t experienced that with a bottle of white yet, and I’m starting to worry such things aren’t possible.

In any event.

One Wine, Tasted Alone: Gewürztraminer “Hugel” 2008

Forgive the dramatic tone-mapped desaturated look, these photos had terrible contrast and over-exposure problems where the highlights were hitting them. I guess I was thinking more about wine than photography.

The Hugel is an interesting creature; same wine the book wants, but a few years more contemporary. Pale gold, it hits with powerful aromas of granite, honeysuckle, and golden delicious apples. It’s a dry example of the varietal with smooth acidity, a lot of spice up front that fades quickly, followed by crabapple, pear, minerality, and a talc-like mouth coating. A little bit of cat piss and sulphur provides a nice long finish that I don’t particularly enjoy. I find myself wanting more acid, less cat piss, and less sulphur. This is a far more interesting grape than the chardonnay, but the itch I have for wine just isn’t being scratched yet.

One Wine, Tasted Alone: Castelnau de Suduiraut Suaternes 2003

Total miss on the book, but it’s a Sauternes with some age on it, so whatever.

Got a guest taste of the thing. “It tastes likes white wine with candy!”

That pretty much sums it up.

Amber, deep color intensity, serious aroma with notes of mold, pear, honey, and clover. This syrup is sweeeeeeeeeet, heavy bodied, and powerful. Toast, s’mores, some spice, overripe apples, orange, white raisins, imitation vanilla, and dried fruit … I can’t fault the thing for lack of flavor. Thick, cloying, and balanced, it was an interesting experience, but I’m glad to be done with it.