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I made the Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza (subscription required, but it’s worth getting a subscription, just do it) from Cook’s Illustrated last night. It took a few hours, a stick of butter, half a jar of olive oil, an improvised cake pan, and a startling moment where I realized I forgot to put the sauce on the pizzas that were in the oven. Luckily the sauce goes on last with these creatures!

The dragon I’ve been chasing here is Papa Del’s from the University of Illinois; this is good enough that I’d consider it comparable, though somewhat different. I think half a day of cold proofing (instead of 50 minutes just to chill the butter layers) might help with flavor development in the crust. Still, I haven’t had a good slice of deep dish in years, and this scratched the itch. It’ll keep scratching that itch, too, since there’s about 6 more pounds of it left.

Highly recommended and worth the effort, if you like such things.