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Went to Tappo today for a late leisurely lunch. Service was a bit off; maybe that’s just because the the place was totally empty when we got there.

We ordered a bottle of Amarone off the menu; the bottle that showed up wasn’t the one that I ordered. I said “this isn’t what I ordered” and the waiter said “yes it is.” Wrong. Eventually we confirmed that two entirely different things are not the same thing, and he left to investigate. He returned shortly having done no investigation saying “this is all we have.”

Okay, whatever. It was a little younger than I wanted, but really, I didn’t care that much. He poured two large glasses after fumbling with the capsule a bit, and decided to just not bother offering me a taste to check. Whatever, it was fine.

The rest of the experience was pretty damn good. The Prosciutto and Mozzarella were excellent, the pizza (shave fingerlings, mozzarella, guanciale, truffle oil) was perfect, and the tagliatelle bolognese was quite nice. Tiramisu with dessert was pretty good, as well. Bread and oil before the meal were both quite good.

Wine service aside, had a pretty nice leisurely time of it, and would definitely give it a shot again.