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Went to WD~50 for Melissa’s birthday yesterday. It was pretty sweet. We got arguably the best seat in the house, a 4-top with a view straight into the kitchen. Here’s the view from under the table, with Wylie in the house:

The food defied expectations, and the wine pairings were impressively executed. We started with a couple of cocktails (mine was an interesting cedar-infused brown liquor drink) and then did the full tasting and pairing menu. Here’s one of the four desserts from the 12 (well, 13, including the edible candle) course menu; I think this is the beets, soft chocolate, long pepper, and ricotta ice cream:

Most surprising was the scallops served with parsnips and black sesame toffee; frozen bone marrow shavings were placed over the whole dish like snow that melted as one attempted to eat the dish.

Definitely worth a trip if you like food and don’t mind being fucked with a little bit.