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I can’t remember what lead up to me putting Joey Comeau’s The Girl who Couldn’t Come on my Kindle. I really wish I could remember. It’s probably a better story than “I forgot why I bought this.”

I read the book on my flight to the left coast yesterday. In reality, it was short enough to read between my three courses of breakfast on the plane (Pro-tip: apparently nobody buys business-class seats for Sunday 6AM flights, so you have a much better chance of getting upgraded). It’s more a collection of short stories than a book per se; each story is quite short at a few pages long. I’d probably feel a bit cheated if I’d bought this thing as a dead tree thing, since it would be pitifully short for $10. Somehow when this is abstracted away behind the Kindle’s little dots of progress (which do not seem to be to scale) and reduced to $6, I’m less offended by it. Publishers take note: digital copies are more prone to impulse buys! Hopefully, part of the story behind why I bought this was that it was on sale for $1 or something. I’m too scared to go back and find out. I guess this guy writes a webcomic?

In any event, the book description on Amazon is “This is a book of dirty stories. They are weird and fun and often bewildering, like sex itself.” That seems accurate, if a bit succinct. It’s not so much erotica as character studies in an erotic backdrop, written in a style to make them come across as casual narratives by their subjects. The effort is well done, but a bit short for $6, let alone $10.

All told, it’s well done, if a bit short and expensive for the content within. Good for him if he can sell a lot of copies at this price point. Good, but a bit low on the value proposition – 6/10.