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Many of you have asked after Wiki; you’re too kind.

She’s doing better, generally speaking. Her sutures are out and she seems to be recovering from the neurological trauma. She still blinks a lot more in her right eye, and it doesn’t open as wide as the left one; tracking is still a bit off. But, it’s not staring up at the ceiling and doing scary things anymore, so that’s good.

She’s off anti-lesion treatments for the time being, since those also cause immunosuppression. As a result, she’s far more active and alert than I’m used to. It’s kind of nice. She’s almost cat-like, instead of just a lump of sneezing snotty warmth and dirty fur.

She’s still producing mucous, much to the vet’s chagrin — for having into her head, she’s still not where “she should be.” On the upside, mucous production (at least under antibiotics, we’ll see how she does now that she’s off that) is reduced and clear, so she’s not depositing her usual little gifts at nose-level everywhere.