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There are exactly zero of you who care about this, at all.

Jakarta showed up back in February from, well, Jakarta. He’s grown a lot since then, and has killed two Corydoras catfish. Two of the remaining catfish are doing well, one is … struggling to eat, but still plugging along. He eats from the surface (the food Jakarta eats), which is pretty much a losing battle. Stupid catfish.

Anyhow. Jakarta is huge now. Double his original size in both body and finnage. Compared to Melissa’s beautiful commercial betta, he’s a bit of a monster, in terms of violence and body makeup:

I would never fight my fish, but I would put good money behind this guy. He’s not nice. We’ll see how much of his fins he eats when I move in a couple of weeks; it should be interesting.

So, there you go.