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Let’s see. What’s going on?

I’ve moved into a new place with Melissa. Her moving truck showed up last week and the three weeks or so before that were spent unpacking and organizing everything else. All of our stuff more or less fits, and it’s starting to feel like home, which is nice.

I’m delighted by our reading room (which doubles as a second bedroom), porch, and master bedroom (which doubles as a library).

The wine and dining area worked out okay; it’s still not entirely optimal, but it’s scaled up to support about 500 bottles, which is roughly where I’m trying to keep my cellar count at the moment. I’m hovering around 131 bottles ready to drink linearly, but there’s a decent number of those I still won’t touch. So, I guess I need to work a bit on that; the cellar is too structured towards wines that will be ready in a decade.

The kitchen is small but functional, with adequate storage. Most of the ceilings are ten foot instead of eight, which gives a nice sense of space. The air conditioning works, which is a pleasant change.

The office is a little cramped, but it’s not bad.

The new place is next door to work so I now own a “pleasure vehicle” as classed by my insurance carrier. That’s sort of weird.

Anyhow, so home is pretty great so far. I feel comfortable here. It’s peaceful.

My grandmother died last week. She was my last remaining grandparent and raised us when mom and dad were working. Given that she shared the same house until I left for college, it was a pretty tough loss. She’s been in rough shape for a while, so I’m glad she’s at peace. Ended up going home the better part of this week to attend the visitation, funeral, and burial, putting about 2000 mileson the car in the process.

On the upside, my car is now a ‘pleasure vehicle’ since I don’t have to commute to work anymore (it’s next door).

Summer’s in full swing, or maybe it’s winding down, I’m not sure. I’m sure it’s a bad time to ship wine, that’s about all I really know. Review season starts up at work shortly, so the next two or three months will hurt. But, it’s good to keep busy.

So, that’s how things have been going recently. I’m getting my cocktails project going again now that I’m moved in. I need to do some intensive tasting of German wines, which I’m not entirely excited about. I need to spend a lot more time cooking, and I should probably have some sort of shindig/potluck/whatever in the near future and have a good run of it.