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Inside Job is basically Matt Damon lulling you to sleep, while the screen displays “such and such declined to be interviewed for this film.” As such it’s entertaining, if nothing else. The diagrams used to try to “explain” things are childish and pointless (they should take a cue from planet money). They should either have not bothered or attempted to do things correctly, but that’s a minor niggle. They managed, just the same, to collect a lot of footage and a lot of interviews, despite the quantity of people that declined to be interviewed. If you’ve been following things to this point in the industry, there aren’t any amazing revelations here, though throwing it all together in one film without being overly heavy handed with one’s bias is impressive. It’s well put together, if not particularly educational or interesting. Mostly serves as a “who’s who?” of the financial meltdown. 7/10.