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George R. R. Martin’s A Dance With Dragons continues the Song of Ice and Fire. After the plodding and relatively boring fourth book, it was nice to see our favorite characters a bit more again, but Martin is seriously wheel-of-timing this shit. Less and less is happening and things are bifurcating horribly. I’m not saying it’s going to require him to die and have somebody else clean up his mess, but books 4 and 5 really should just have been book 5. Get a fucking editor, for real.

I think what bothered me the most is that Martin now seems comfortable, in his fourth book, to make it hypersexualized and focused on pre-teen sex to wit. I don’t have the book handy for the precise quote, but he’s also digressed to writing third-rate erotica, with quotes like “her golden Lannister mound.” I feel like he’s been holding back until this point, and now he feels comfortable to do what he always wanted: Be Piers Anthony.

I’m also bothered that Martin seems to be completely hung up on the concept of a Lord’s first right to a woman’s maidenhead, and how he had to bring that up just about every other chapter, after never hearing a THING about this in the previous books.

Basically, he’s lost it, and the book is shit now, and the series is going down the toilet.

Some shit happened, so that’s good, and he (seems to have, but who knows) killed another key character, which makes for good television and all, but between the softcore and the tedious-as-shit Daeny stuff, I’m about ready to give up on the series. 5/10.