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Completely Broken

It took me about 6 hours to get iOS 5 on my iPhone 4 last night. Downloading the update was a solid 70 minutes. Apple doesn’t really have enough bandwidth to saturate anybody’s connection when a new release comes out. That’s understandable, but it sort of sucked, given that they can blast down new TV shows when they come out. Alright, that’s not a fair comparison. I just hate having a fat pipe and nothing to put through it.

Anyhow, after the 70-minute download, the update started and then, about 20 minutes in, failed. I forget the first error that popped up, but it was something to the effective of the restore servers being unreachable. My phone was left with backlight fully on on a black screen, and it wouldn’t do anything. I held down the lock button until it reset, which put it into “please connect me to iTunes” mode. That sort of sucked; the update failed, was probably likely to continue failing, and in the process, my phone was now unusable.

It took me another four hours before I got the phone restore and upgraded. I experienced numerous errors, such as “restore server could not be contacted,” “uknown error has occurred,” and “server timed out.” It was a complete mess. I can’t imagine how a “normal” (read: my grandma) would ever be able to successfully upgrade their iPhone without professional assistance when this sort of stuff happens.

So I unlock my new iOS5 experience, several hours later than I’d expected. It asks me to sign in with my apple ID. Or, if I have a mobile me account (this is in small print hidden behind a link under the login screen), I should log in with that, and then change my store account to be my apple ID later. So I log in with my mobile me account.

Mobile Me to iCloud Clusterfuck

Yes, I’m one of those weird dudes who actually bought mobile me. Having my calendars and contacts synced across devices, my mac, and my web browser, without needing to sync physically was worth the money to me, no questions. I had to fight with it for days to get it right originally, but once I had it working properly, not creating duplicates, and not randomly deleting shit, it was pretty grand.

So I’ll make a long story short. The migration from mobile me to iCloud is a complete fucking mess. You have to upgrade all of your devices. Then you migrate online. Then you supposedly click some buttons on your iDevices and your computer, and everything magically works. Except it didn’t. My calendar on my PC got wiped out. Both my iCloud and mobile me accounts were around, but one was subordinate and it wasn’t clear who was winning the sync battle. I deleted the mobile me account on my computer and everything got wiped out. Luckily I backed it up, so I could repopulate it. My calendar then had duplicate items. Just like being on mobile me the first time, yay! You get the idea, I eventually got it sorted out. It took an hour.

On my iDevices, I now had mobile me accounts littered all over the place. Not just my store account, but my iMessage account, my sync stuff, etc. So I had to delete all of those and change those over to my apple ID.

It was, to be frank, a complete disaster. I imagine for those without mobile me, the process will be far more smooth. Once everything was migrated to iCloud, it worked surprisingly well. This is definitely not the old fucked up broken mobile me implementation, which is nice.

iOS 5 Reactions

Generally, iOS 5 seems … fine? More stuff needs to hook into it and take advantage of it before I rule on anything.

There are a few annoyances. One, the push-volume-up to take a photo thing … just doesn’t work for me. I don’t get it, but it doesn’t. The volume goes up if I’m unlocked, and I’m definitely on iOS 5 but this feature doesn’t work. The double click and press approach works, but that’s not the point. I really don’t understand this, and can’t seem to find any information online about it. Update: I just totally misunderstood what this was, is all, this works perfectly, and I’m an idiot.

The notification screen … has weather and stocks. Thw eather thing’s okay. The stocks thing … I don’t want. I like checking up on stocks, but I don’t want it on my notification screen. I can’t remove it, however. I can make it a giant blank rectangle, but I can’t make it away. Why the hell not? I’d prefer to have my own widgets up here instead that don’t have giant Yahoo logos on them. I’m all for “smart defaults, no options” but I feel like this is a huge design oversight. Update: There’s a way to do this from the notifications settings, so I’m dumb here too.