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This has been bugging me for a while and I keep forgetting to complain about it:

iPad Keyboard - There are phantom keys in the middle when you split the keyboard in half.

The phantom keys in the middle of the iPad’s split keyboard are the primary reason I don’t use the iPad’s split keyboard. If I overreach the ‘H’ key slightly, I expect it to still be H. This could be chalked up to preferences, and my preferences could be wrong.

It’s weirder than that, though. I don’t have my iPad handy to provide a specific example of this but I’ve definitely seen this sort of behavior, so bear with me:

Let’s say I start typing “fellow.” Instead of “fellow” I get as far as “gello.” The miracle of touch interfaces is having good completion and correction to make up for my fat fingers. The problem is this correction is set up based on the keyboard not being split. If I type “gello” I clearly do not mean to type “hello.” In fact, I would assume any completion or correction based on keys on the opposite keyboard should be struck. For some reason they aren’t.