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Regenesis is the direct sequel to Cyteen. After reading Cyteen, it was clear Cherryh was intending for a sequel, and this is it. The novel continues the plodding pace of the original book, with the last few pages being a maddeningly action-packed conclusion. There’s also a massive amount of the book devoted to Ari playing princess and the castle with Alpha Wing, and a nominal amount of the book devoted to the gestation of a few familiar creatures for the future. I’m not sure what the point of the latter theme was, unless to try to force the reader to think about the impact of the future world and how it was being shaped as the physical forms were shaped? Seems a bit weak, whatever the case for the frame.

It’s more of the same, if you liked Cyteen. It’s full of one-dimensional male characters (Jordan becomes nearly caricature) and the story of Ari. To some degree, it’s enjoyable as a conclusion to the first half of the story. With that said, the book closes with an ending hardly more satisfying than the original abrupt conclusion. Read it if you have to, I guess, but I was a bit disappointed.