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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning scratched the same itch as Skyrim for me. The problem with Skyrim is it stopped being interesting after a while; there wasn’t any point to anything once the plot was finished. Sure, you could keep doing quests and exploring stuff, but it wasn’t getting you anywhere.

Amalur lacks the amazing visual style and graphics of Skyrim, but stayed interesting for a much longer period of time. Unfortunately, it also hit a wall for me. About halfway through the game (by some arbitrary estimation) I hit the level cap. I still had gobs of side quests, but I stopped leveling up. The other huge problem was loot: After the sorrows gear, I didn’t see a single improvement in equipment through the entire remainder of the game, save for a staff upgrade. So the loot stopped being interesting midway through the game, and the quests had no point (at least in terms of anything but doing the quests)… At this point it just became a matter of tearing through the rest of the main story (with a quick sidebar to completionist Dead Kel and get some more buffs).

This leads to the last problem. Amalur becomes seriously easy-mode once you’re high level and have good equipment. Where Skyrim does a good job of leveling the challenges a little bit (it’s not great, but it’s something), every single encounter in Amalur can be solved by meteor storm followed by lightning storm (or whatever these are called. Everything dies in this. Bosses are harder, right? Just punch fate and do the same sequence; virutally nothing could take two fated meteor storms. It wasn’t even interesting.

So, whatever. If you’re thirsty for perfection in an RPG, this isn’t it, either. The first Dragon Age game still seems the most interesting from a mechanics and gameplay standpoint, but was crippled by bugs. Skyrim wins for graphics and Amalur wins for content overload, but all of them still sucked. What’s the fourth option that I haven’t found that’s perfect?