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Wiki was about 7 years and three months old when we put her to sleep this afternoon. That’s pretty young for a cat, but she’s had some pretty tough years, as cat years go. Her last two weeks in the intensive care unit were more par for the course than exceptional. We had a few moments of hope and had a nice visit when she was at her best, but it was clear that she was suffering and would not be coming home from this visit.

I picked her from the litter as a kitten because she seemed to be the most friendly and interested in being picked up. She kept one of those qualities, but never was a cat that wanted to be held! She also “just had a little cold, which is nothing to worry about.” I will provide this free service to any of you adopting a pet from a shelter: This is coded language warning you that whatever you are considering taking home will do its best to bankrupt you. You’ve been warned!

Sometimes both cats even got along with each other:

Wiki and Loki hangin on the couch

I’ll miss her.