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I’m back from a much-needed vacation to Napa & Sonoma; hadn’t taken any time off since a brief trip back in March. Such a fantastic place to go with so many fascinating people. There were so many really fantastic experiences and opportunities. I’ll probably touch on a bit more of that as I get around to it. But for now, something brief while it’s still lingering in my mind.

Our last day in Sonoma, we tasted at Scribe. Of Monsters and Men’s My Head Is an Animal greeted us as we walked to some benches overlooking the property. It was our only rainless day, the view of the property (and a substantial cut of the Petaluma Gap) was stellar, the sunshine was abundant, and I guess there was just a little something special in the air.

I haven’t really spent any time digging through the photos yet, and haven’t even bothered with post, but every time I look at this photo the nostalgia for that moment in time comes on pretty fierce.

View from Scribe

The tasting was about ninety minutes with Scribe’s cellar master. Super laid-back, it felt more like hanging out than tasting wine. This is clearly the experience they’re trying to sell, but it felt authentic. The wines were interesting and sometimes a bit different. The Chardonnay in particular was rather singular, made in the style of wines from Jura. Scribe’s wines, if not their ethos, was a certain joie de vivre above all else. These were not the best wines we tasted. In fact, in any academic sense they’re pretty clearly the worst we purchased. With vineyards that were just a few years ago giant concrete slabs decorated with turkey farms, I have a hard time imagining this winery will produce exceptional estate fruit for many years to come. Their extant efforts with purchased fruit will likely continue on its hit-or-miss trajectory, with some outright duds in the portfolio from year to year.

And yet, this was one of the nicest tasting experiences we had. The whole point was just enjoying time, sharing wine, food, and conversation. Numerous other tastings and visits were quite enjoyable, but they were far more critical and technical experiences by comparison. Great fun, but after the experience at Scribe, I can’t help but feel like it’s easy to lose sight of the point.