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Eric Asimov’s How To Love Wine: A Memoir and Manifesto seemed more the memoir than the manifesto. When not talking through his career (and to a lesser degree his progression through drinking wine), there are some observations and thoughts about why he enjoys wine. It reads more like an ex-post-facto justification than a policy declaration. Here’s the short course: “Drink interesting wine with food and friends. Don’t stress out about it.”

Ignoring the memoir and the occasional name drop, Asimov’s point could have been made in a single newspaper column. It does not require an entire book of restating the premise to get to the point. The anecdotes are brief and uninteresting, and feel like filler more than anything else.

It’s not a bad story about progressing from a newspaperman to a wine critic. Viability as a book on wine enjoyment is a bit questionable otherwise.