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We ate at KOMI in Washington, DC this past weekend. It’s not the toughest reservation in town, which I’d already failed to snag, but it wasn’t trivial. Getting a reservation required calling at noon one month prior to our intended seating; by the time one of my two war-dialing lines made it through, about 15 minutes had passed and I was placed on hold for several minutes. Reaching a human thereafter, I was able to snag one of the later seatings that still remained, quarter after nine. Sweet.

Photos are prohibited, so I have none to offer. There are no menus. The wine list is fascinating, but we elected to go with the pairings.

The food was outstanding. The most notable dishes were a small column of maple bacon roe. A lot of the bacon things are played out, but this worked, and was probably one of the most outstanding single bites of food I’ve had in my life. The main course of goat was also exceptional, with fantastic flavor and texture. Everything else was great, with only the grains course being “just good.”

Wine pairings were also well-selected, featuring a sparking Moschofilero, vintage Muscadet, Rioja, Duchesse de Bourgogne (a beer), and several other things I’ve long since forgotten.

Service was perfect, without a single goof. Every single member of the staff was aware of M’s bivalve allergy, even the sommelier. I only had to tell them about this once, while making the original reservation.Often enough it’s exceptional for any staff member to even realize what a bivalve is. Several courses were changed or replaced to accommodate her, and the substitutions were not half-assed. All of the staff was aware it was M’s birthday and wished her a happy birthday. Low key, incredibly classy.

At the price point, this is clearly not inexpensive dining, but it’s also incredibly reasonable for the experience provided. It easily slid into being my second-favorite dining experience, ever.

If you have the opportunity to dine at KOMI, do not pass it up.