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Let’s say there’s a thing that’s horrible. There’s the obvious way to proceed: Make the horrible thing not horrible. Then there’s the alternative: Provide people tools for coping with how horrible it is.

In my profession, I run into the second approach often enough. Here’s a great example from the real world, though: Check out this press release from the DMV. Instead of addressing soul-crushing long wait times at the DMV, they built a new website that provides wait information at each of their branches. At the time of writing this, I happened to check the Norwalk DMV, the ninth circle of hell just up the street from me. It turns out that there are 119 people in the registration queue with an average wait time of 3 hours and 25 minutes. Granted that data was delayed by 10 minutes, so maybe things are better now.

Nothing says “we’re never going to fix the fucking problem” more loudly than building infrastructure to institutionalize the problem.