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Aside from my uncle’s landscaping business, quitting a job has never been an easy thing. Internships in high school and college come with end dates by definition. I left colleagues and friends, but there was no decision to be made.

I was not happy at the bank. The decision was easy. Despite that, there were a bunch of great people and challenges I left behind. My friend convinced me to apply to a different company, because “hey, at least it’s not as miserable as your current job.” I did not expect to remain for a month short of a decade. Life has a funny habit of not going according to plan. This is the way of things.

As an employee in good standing at a good and reasonable employer, the decision is difficult. There is no table to flip. There are no bombs to drop. There is no easy explanation. It is time for a change. An opportunity I cannot refuse. It is not an easy decision and it is not one made lightly. Please respect that. There are things for which I will be remembered. There are things for which I will be cursed. I hope, too, some things for which I will be missed. I leave with fond memories. This is also the way of things.

I moved from the Midwest and its cornfields to the Northeast megalopolis in 2003. I got married. I got divorced. I met new people and am now looking forward to spending the remainder of my life with M. I am glad to have been able to make this decision with her and look forward to the adventure ahead of us. My brother and his wife moved nearby to start their life and I’ve treasured being a part of my nephew’s first year. I met a lot of great people and got to know a lot of great people even better.

There is a stark reality to it all: Leaving does not mandate remaining away, but it also does not guarantee a return to origin. Life is a fickle creature. There are people I will not see again. There are people I will not see as much as I want to. These, too, are the ways of things.

I head, then, with M, a cat, and way too much stuff to a new adventure in Northern California. I think the risk of it making me too soft is minimal, but I may already be too hard. Time will tell. It’s been real so far, don’t be a stranger.